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Infrastructure & EnvironmentalBusiness

HEC Focuses on preserving the Environmental

  • Gunsan Coal storage plant Construction work at Gunsan Port

Gunsan Coal storage plant Construction work at Gunsan Port

  • Client

    CJ logistics

  • Capacity

    Coal warehouse (1) : 82m x 372m / loading facilities(CSU,
    1,600t/h) and transfer facilities

  • Location

    Gunsan, Korea

  • Contract Period

    2016-03 ~ 2017-12

Infrastructure and Environment /
Human-Oriented Infrastructure and Environment Business

Under the motto “Development of Human-Oriented Infrastructure and Environment” our infrastructure and environment business aims to achieve healthy life and prosperity of humankind. We offer infrastructures such as road, harbor, industrial complex and water resource development in order to establish the base of economic activity. Furthermore, we focus on preserving the clean natural environment and pleasant life environment by executing environmental projects such as construction of sewage and waste water treatment facility and waste to energy plant. We continue to move forward with our high quality engineering skills and excellent resources.