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About HEC

Hyundai Engineering will promote a sustainable growth together with its clients and the society.

Global Premier Engineering Partner

Imagination and creativity are the keys to shape up the future. Hyundai Engineering holds such keys, providing top quality and values to its clients. Hyundai Engineering will promote a sustainable growth together with its clients and the society.

About Hyundai Engineering

Hyundai Engineering (HEC), established in 1974, has core competency covering overall project life cycle comprised of feasibility study, basic & detailed design, procuring, commissioning and operation & maintenance and has been acknowledged for its extensive experience and accumulated technologies over the world.
Furthermore HEC is now providing comprehensive engineering & construction solutions for plant and infrastructure projects including building and housing work. HEC will continue keeping its incomparable stature as a leading global company by increasing customer value with exceptional efforts and better service.

HSE management

Hyundai Engineering manages the company systematically and efficiently together with HSE activities through ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. We have been acquired and maintained ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 over all fields of engineering including construction sites.

BSI certificate authority

As the core corporate asset, employee management is essential for sustainable growth. Through the reinforcement of HSE practice capacity, Hyundai Engineering offers healthy work environment. We have made efforts to promote HSE culture and have achieved various records on field of safety.
We examine domestic and international HSE relevant regulations and requirements, and it proves that we fullfill our client’s requirements. Hyundai Engineering has fulfilled zero accidents over a million man-hours in operation sites of Saudi Arabia, Turkmenistan, Taiwan, etc.

HSE management

  • 01


    • Oil & Gas
    • Chemical & Fertilizer
    • Petrochemical
    • Oil Terminal
    • Refinery
    • Offshore Facilities
    • LNG Facilities
    • Steel & Nonferrous Metals
  • 02


    • Combined Cycle Power Plant
    • Thermal Power Plant
    • Cogeneration Power Plant
    • Nuclear Power Plant
    • Power Transmission / Substation & Distribution
    • Geothermal Power Plant
    • Diesel Power Plant
  • 03


    • Factory
    • R&D center
    • Culture / Education / Sports facility
    • Hotel / Apartment
    • Office / Sales facility
    • Public facility / Army installation
    • Medical facility
  • 04


    • Apartment
    • Officetel
    • complex building
  • 05


    • Port and Harbor
    • Road & Bridge
    • Complex Development
    • Hydro Power & Water Resource Development
    • Water Supply & Sewerage System
    • Waste to Energy
    • Renewable Energy
    • Besides
  • 06


    • Facility Management
    • Property Management
    • Consulting for Lease
    • Consulting for P&S
    • Global Asset Management

Signature Project

Signature Project
Overseas Korea
  • Gas Desulfurization Plant / Turkmenistan
  • Phosphoric Acid Plant / Tunisia
  • Arzew Refinery Plant / Algeria
  • Dung Quat Polypropylene Plant / Vietnam
  • Lube Base Oil Plant / UAE
  • Uch-Combined Cycle Power Plant(160MW) / Pakistan
  • Al Qudus Gas Turbine Plant(4x125MW)/ Iraq
  • Bulgaria 9MW Solar Power / Bulgaria
  • Water Supply and Sewerage / Equatorial Guinea
  • Ashuganj 225MW Combined Cycle Power / Bangladesh
  • Ain Arnat 3x400MW Combined Cycle Power / Algeria
  • UGCC U&O Plant / Uzbekistan
  • Kandym Fields Gas Processing Plant / Uzbekistan
  • TAZA 292MW & Rumaila 5x292MW Gas Turbine Power / Iraq
  • Olkaria I Additional(140MW) & 4(140MW) Geothermal Power / Kenya
  • Termotasajero II 160MW Coal Fired Power / Colombia
  • Turkmenbashi Refinery / Turkmenistan
  • SIPCO 160MW Combined Cycle Cogeneration Power / Thailand
  • Tanir Bavi Combined Cycle Power / India
  • Electricity Transmission Rehabilitation, Phase II / Kazakhstan
  • Kurdakahni water supply and sewerage system / Azerbaijan
  • New building construction of office building for Kia Motors European Corp
  • New construction of 2,000 household units and infrastructural facilities in Qubbah
  • New Construction of Office Building for HMA in USA
  • Ship Repair Complex in Turkmenistan
  • Rural Road Improvement in Cambodia
  • U.S.A Sales Corporation
  • Inchon LNG Receiving Terminal Plant
  • KCC Silicon (1&2) Plant
  • Youngheoung Thermal Power Plant No. 5&6 (1,600MW)
  • Yesan Agricultural Product Processing Center
  • WHEC 50DF Engine Test Facility
  • Basic and detailed design for the Machang grand Bridge
  • Seoul Metro Line 5,6,7,8,9
  • Mungyeong sewage sludge composting Facility
  • Sangju industrial complex planning and design
  • MOBIS Proving Ground R&D Center Project
  • Suppy of HANT Modules for Hwaseongdongtan 2
  • Ju-cheon River Basic Design
  • Design and Engineering of PWR New Fuel Fabrication and Service Facility
  • Detail Design of the Garolim Tidal Power Plant
  • HDEC High Speed Engine Factory Building Project
  • Cheonan MBR sewage treatment plant(Phase III, Phase IV)
  • M12 WWT Capa.-Up Project of hynix Semiconductor
  • Samchonpo Thermal Power Plant No. 1,2,3&4
  • HDO #2 HOU Project(EPC)
  • HYSCO Coil Storage & Handling System Cold Rolling Mill
  • New building construction of High Technology R&D center
  • New Construction of Mabuk Training Institute
  • Remodeling construction of Jeju haevichi hotel
  • New Construction of Office Building for Hundaicard in Yeongdeungpo
  • Songsan 2nd Industrial Complex
  • Daegu Innovative City
  • Shin-Boryeong Coal Stock Facilities
  • Sangdo-dong amcotown
  • Sejong amcotown
  • Wirye amcotown
  • Sangbong-dong Premier's amcotown
  • Office building (Yangjae-dong)
  • Office building (Gye-dong)
  • Hyundai Engineering Mok-dong Office