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CEO & President Message

Hyundai Engineering will continuously grow for 100 years, With advanced minds and challenging spirits.

Hyundai Engineering creates Best Value based on
Best Quality and Best Services.

As a leading company in environment-friendly engineering, we are committed to customer satisfaction using top technology.

My name is Chang-Hag Kim, and I am the CEO of Hyundai Engineering.
We, Hyundai Engineering Company (HEC), Welcome to visit our homepage.

At Hyundai Engineering, we work diligently to enhance quality of life for all by providing engineering solutions in a range of fields, including the process plant, power & energy plant, infrastructure and environmental sectors. With our many years of experience, outstanding technologies and talents as our foundation, we are expanding our fields to construction, housing and renewable energy to create higher customer value.

As a member of Hyundai Motor Group, Hyundai Engineering has achieved brilliant advances and now has become one of the leading Korean companies in the world.

In this ever-changing global economy, Hyundai Engineering promises to strive to respond promptly to the demands of the era based on our global competitiveness, and to move forward and achieve sustainable growth, whatever the circumstances.

I humbly ask for your ongoing interest and support in Hyundai Engineering as we continue with our commitment to become the sole leader in the global construction and engineering market based on our endless innovation, positive thinking and frontier spirit.

My promise to you is that we will repay your interest and support by setting a good example as a respectable company that can be trusted, by practicing transparent management for mutual growth with our customers, business partners and society. Thank you.

President & CEO of Hyundai Engineering

Kim, Chang-Hag CEO & President Kim, Chang-Hag  Sign