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Value creation lead to
changes in the world

We rush toward a sustainable

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Hyundai Engineering will realize the dream of the human society.

The image of Hyundai Motor Group grows beyond its management philosophy

realizing dreams by using creative thinking and continuous challenging against new frontiers to create a better future.


Hyundai Motor Group Symbol Image

Meaning of the symbol

Hyundai Motor Group Symbol Image
  • One group name ‘HYUNDAI’, grandly rising above an Ocean extending out to the horizon, symbolizes the tireless pioneering, innovative spirit and dignity of Hyundai Motor Group.
  • The horizontal line indicates our indomitable and Unwavering sense of responsibility in the face of difficult Circumstances, the will to reach our full potential and Compassion for humanity, Its ultimate meaning is of A path to a brighter future being built by Hyundai Motor Group.
  • The primary color, named ‘HYUNDAI BULE’ embodies hope, possibility and trust.
    • PANTONE 288C C100 M70 Y0 K30 / R0 G40 B122