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Vision for the company
next 100 years

HEC in the company to contribute to human happiness and social development

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Introduction to Ethics and Compliance-based Management

Hyundai Engineering will fulfill its social responsibility to mankind with trust and respect to impress its customers.

Hyundai Engineering will practice transparent and lawful management.

With calls for transparency and compliance throughout the process for accomplishing objectives, the corporations that perform unethical and unlawful management activities are no longer recognized by the customers and society. Consequently, Hyundai Engineering, together with all officers and employees, has been striving to establish ethics and compliance as corporate culture, by announcing ethics and compliance-based management as of January 1, 2009, creating the Compliance Team in 2016, and developing company-wide ethics and compliance organization in 2017, in order to build a lasting corporation with capacity for sustainable growth.

Various Ethics and Compliance-based Management Activities

Hyundai Engineering is operating various programs to instill the principles of ethics and compliance-based management throughout the company. There are ethics and compliance trainings for the officers and employees using newly developed contents every year, cyber audit office for prevention and resolution of unethical and illegal activities, as well as regular monitoring to determine specific and proper directions for future development. Additionally, there are compliance newsletters issued every month, posters produced regularly, and etc. to raise awareness on ethics and compliance among the officers and employees.

Ethics and Compliance-based Management System

  • Connection of Corporate
    Vision and Strategy
  • Consistent Monitoring
    and Feedback
  • Strict Penalty for
    Unethical Behavior
  • Strong Will of CEO
  • Ethics & Compliance Management
    Division (Compliance Team)
  • Systematic Guideline
  • Compliance-based Management
    (e.g., Anti-corruption)