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Ethics Management Review

Hyundai Engineering will fulfill its social responsibility to mankind with trust and respect to impress its customers.

Hyundai Engineering participates in ethics management.

As the society requires a company’s sincerity and transparency as well as goal achievement, unethical companies are now reproached by their customers and the society. Accordingly, we accounted ethics management in January 1, 2009, and have stabilized it as the corporate culture in order to reborn as an everlasting company with sustainable development.

Various ethical activities

Hyundai Engineering implements diverse ethics management programs to instill the principles of ethics management in its company-wide operations. Hyundai Engineering has promoted ethics management by providing ethics management education based on newly prepared contents for all its officers and employees, by operating a cyber audit office to prevent unethical acts or resolve problems, and by developing an internal system to diagnose its ethics management conditions. Furthermore, it runs diverse ethics management programs aimed at raising the ethical awareness of its officers and employees, including the publication of a monthly ethics management newsletter and the periodic production of ethics management posters.

Ethics Management Diagram

  • Connection of Corporate
    Vision and Strategy
  • Consistent Monitoring
    and Feedback
  • Strict Penalty for
    Unethical Behavior
  • Evaluation and Reward
  • Strong Will of CEO
  • Ethics Committee
  • Systematic Guideline
  • Law Compliance and
    Social Contribution