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Ethics Standards

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Hyundai Engineering ethical standards structure

Hyundai Engineering ethical standards
Ethical standards
Ethics charter (7 articles)
Declaratory basic ethical policies
Code of conduct (6 chapters, 20 articles)
Criteria for practical value judgment
Guidelines(20 articles)
Specific guidelines for ethical behavior

Ethical standards

  • 01

    We implement tasks with responsibilities in an honest and sincere way, and establish organizational culture of mutual respect and trust.

  • 02

    We improve corporate value through transparent and efficient management, and pursue management focused on shareholder benefit maximization.

  • 03

    We put priority on customer satisfaction, and provide the highest goods and supreme service.

  • 04

    We establish fair and clean transaction orders with cooperators and reinforce partnership to pursue mutual growth.

  • 05

    We respect competitors, comply with commercial laws, and endeavor to engage in fair and liberal competition.

  • 06

    We care for environment, pursue sustainable growth and contribute to global preservation and human prosperity.

  • 07

    We sincerely execute social responsibilities by complying within laws and contributing to social welfare.