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Vision for the company
next 100 years

HEC in the company to contribute to human happiness and social development

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H&S Management System

HEC makes a constant effort in social responsibility for humankind and customer satisfaction based on belief and respect.

Health & Safety Management

H&S Management System
  1. ○ Health & Safety Policy
  2. Risk assessment
  3. Goals & Plans
  • Establishing H&S Policy
  • Establishing Risk assessment
  • Establishing Goals & Plans
  • Understanding Legal Requirement
  • Comprehend requirements of the interested parties
○ Performance and Management
  • Resource(Human, infrastructure)
  • Organization, Granting Authority and Obligation
  • Emergency Measures
  • Communication
  • Documentation, Archives Operation
  • Awareness of education Training
○ Inspection
  • Monitoring and Measuring
  • Incident investigation
  • Evaluation Observance
  • Internal Evaluation Performance Evaluation
○ Reviewing / Taking Action
  • Measures for Correction and Prevention
  • Report on H&S Management Performance, Executive Riview