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Vision for the company
next 100 years

HEC in the company to contribute to human happiness and social development

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Main Activity

Fulfilling social responsibility with trust and respect for customer satisfaction.

HEC makes a constant effort in quality innovation to improve quality competitiveness and customer satisfaction.

Quality Management System

HEC established enterprise quality management system at each step of the process and pursue to prevent quality defect in all stages of the project by conducting systemized education on quality regularly customized to position and jobs in order to create future value for customer. By applying Project Quality Rating System to ongoing projects, HEC dedicates to constant quality improvement through quality measurement, quality audit, trend analysis and management review.

Quality Management in Engineering

ProjectSpace, a project collaboration system developed internally, helps increase the transparency of and standardization of engineering works. It allows the real-time monitoring of engineering results, raising the efficiency in interface management between areas, teams and vendor. Moreover, the 3D Modeling Review and review verification of expert groups also contribute to reinforcing quality in engineering.

Quality Management in Procurement

HEC adopted an advanced equipment and material inspection method. Low-quality equipment and materials are subject to a special management system. By using the MAPS, a system for collaborated material and procurement system, HEC establishes quality information database, shares the information with relevant teams and enhances the efficiency in inspection.

Quality Management in Construction

At the initial stage of preparing a project site, an on-site quality management system is established to achieve zero flaws in quality. This system contributes to securing quality in advance, strengthening quality-related risk management, training workers and inspecting quality. HEC also operates cutting-edge IT systems including a construction and quality management system (HCQM, AQMS) and a pipe welding management system (WIT) to increase transparency in data management and efficiency in construction quality management.

Nuclear Power Quality Assurance

HEC established a quality assurance system that meets KEPIC standard and nuclear power related laws. HEC also strives to secure safety and build trust by applying the system to geological survey of the power plant area, engineering, inspection and construction and maintenance.