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Quality Policy

Fulfilling social responsibility with trust and respect for customer satisfaction.

Enhancement of Global EP&CM Capability through Quality Innovation

Hyundai Engineering Co., Ltd. (HEC) has endeavored to ensure the reliability of its ongoing projects based on extensive experiences and technology in engineering and construction fields. Furthermore, an effective Quality Management System has been established giving our utmost priority for Customer Satisfaction and Quality Assurance.

Quality Policy
The fundamental Quality Policy of HEC, to provide better product and services to our customers, is as follows :
  • To customers’ future value through continuous quality improvement.

  • To secure competitiveness in technology and quality of EPCM (Engineering – Procurement – Construction Management).

  • To maximize business efficiency through knowledge management and activation of systematic risk management.

Each organization should establish result-oriented quality objectives based on the Quality Policy, while doing its best to fulfill these objectives. Furthermore, HEC will fully support sufficient resources as required.
All staff of HEC should have an understanding of the company’s Quality Policy, performing works in accordance with the Quality Management System.
The Quality Policy and Quality Management System of HEC shall be reviewed periodically and improved continuously.

Nuclear Power Quality Policy

Hyundai Engineering Co., Ltd. (the “Company”) strives to achieve safety and trust based on rich experiences and innovative technology in the field of power plant engineering. The Company applied the Quality Management System to nuclear power business that satisfies KEPIC (Korea Electric Power Industry Code) standard, nuclear power related stipulations, and ISO 9001.

All organizations and their staffs shall comply with the quality system as well as stipulated requirements of the Company, and make best efforts for customer satisfaction.

The heads of division and team shall plan education and training sessions to cultivate quality assurance experts and to sustain their qualifications; the Company shall fully support necessary human resource and materials.

The quality management team, the division and the project QA organization hold right and obligation to establish a proper quality guarantee plan for each project, monitor performance through quality inspection, and order correction or suspension of work when problems arise.

The quality system of the Company including a quality assurance plan shall be periodically evaluated for its suitability and continuously improved.

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