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Sustainability Management System

Hyundai Engineering will fulfill its social responsibility to mankind with trust and respect to impress its customers.

Sustainability management system & Committee Operation

To ensure the sustainable growth of the integrated corporation founded on 1 April 2014, the company has steadily promoted the enhancement of company-wide business systems. It has deployed a management system that meets GRI G4, the new international guideline, while striving to enhance integrated synergy through systematic and efficient operation of its 10 strategic tasks based on core factors, by managing Steering Committee, the new sustainability management committee accompanied by working-level group members.

Sustainability management system organization chart

Sustainability Report

Hyundai Engineering has created better today by tirelessly pursuing reform and innovation for the last 42 years.
Now, we at Hyundai Engineering are advancing headlong toward a sustainable future based on this principle. This is Hyundai Engineering’s forth Sustainability Report. It covers Hyundai Engineering’s efforts to secure sustainable growth and its achievements in this domain in the period 2014 to 2015. We view the current report as a turning point in the monitoring of Hyundai Engineering sustainable business practices. We hope this report will provide a communication window that develops together with the stakeholders.

Sustainability Report
2016 Sustainability Report

If you have any questions, please contact the following.

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  • Team: Sustainability Representative, Strategy Execution Team, Planning Office
  • Phone: 82-2-2134-1835