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Global Premier Engineering Partner HYUNDAI ENGINEERING

Through continued efforts to develop technology and create values, we will fulfill our responsibility and obligation as a technological Partner for our customers, with customer-oriented and environment-friendly mind.

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He thinks that our environment can be recovered. She believes it is our lives should be valued more.

Hyundai Engineering is, like always, making every corner of the world valuable by providing the "Best" solutions and ceaseless innovations for a happy coexistence of the earth and human beings.

His and her Hyundai Engineering is opening up a better future for our customers with unabated vigor.

HE is the Pioneer

At every moment humanity is taking a leap, Hyundai Engineering is there.

Hyundai Engineering, with its creative planning and cutting-edge technology, has grown into a global engineering and construction company, through successfully performing more than 5,000 projects worldwide such as designing a research base in Antarctica, an extremely remote land, and building the largest plant in a barren land without giving in to the harsh environment.

His unique challenges have been always been described with the words such as 'First' and 'Maximum'.

Today, as a member of the Hyundai Motor Group, he continues his gleaming challenges based on the worldwide network of the group.

HE is the Professional

He is always searching for the best solution.

Leveraging avant-garde IT technology, he builds an integrated system from design to construction, and creates optimal workflow.

He makes the sites worldwide smarter and safer.

The staffs of Hyundai Engineering, the most professional workforce on the planet, inspire its global customers with differentiated competitiveness.


A process plant applying various state-of-the-art construction methods based on our outstanding design capabilities.

In Turkmenistan, we have completed a Mega-sized Project, in the shortest time, receiving the industry’s attention.

In Uzbekistan, we have built core industrial facilities contributing greatly to its economic development, as well as gaining international trust.

We have executed successfully with the full grass root oil refinery business in Korea, And ongoing LNG receiving Terminal project in Kuwait is the world biggest scale as a single contract..

With our remarkable EPC capabilities in Oil & gas, Petrochemical, refinery, and LNG facilities, we are leading the engineering industry over the world.


Power plant, High-value-added business and with advanced technology.

We built a 1,200 megawatt combined cycle power plant in Algeria and 1,460 megawatt gas turbine power plant in Iraq.

We have completed coal fired power plants in Malaysia, Philippines and Colombia, which have been proved for being highly-efficient and eco-friendly.

Likewise, as the only Korean company which has a track record in geothermal power plant projects, we have completed geothermal power plants in Kenya with great success.

Now, we are expanding our business by focusing on IPP business and also renewable energy projects.


With the best technology and quality, our construction business has been leading trends in architectural culture.

By building a high-tech advanced residential complex, the number 1 brand preference “Hill State”, we have become trendsetters in the field of housing works.

On every strategic bases of the global automotive industry, we have built automotive manufacturing plants and the infrastructure to establish a bridgehead for global markets penetration.

Considering customer value as top priority, we are leading the domestic and overseas construction market and creating high-value-added businesses through high-rise buildings filled with future technologies, intelligence offices, hotels, hospitals, educational and research facilities, and studios.


Our infrastructure environment projects that make the world convenient and beautiful with the best technology and experience.

We built Andong Bridge which became the landmark and the center of community development in Vietnam.

Construction of Pyeongtaek Port as the global logistic hub in Gyeonggi province, Korea shows an enhancement of domestic harbor technology.

Our technologies have been recognized at home and abroad due to superb design, construction integration organization and technology.


Asset management business that is constantly evolving to maximize customer satisfaction and customer value!

Based on accumulated know-hows and advanced system, we are demonstrating our best competence for the satisfaction of our customers in diverse areas in the global market such as facility management, leasing service, and asset management.

In the future, we will also do our best to improve the quality of service through various project areas, provision of organic, three-dimensional services.

HE is the Humanist

His challenge and growth include a warm-heartedness to understand the way of life and to enhance the value of life.

He has made efforts in training and nurturing of professional workforce, as well as in the development of environment-all for the upcoming future of the area he will be reaching.

The more he has grown, the more his life became richer, and the future of his company has been brightened.

As a true humanist who knows the value of mutual benefit, he is dreaming of a future where everyone is happy.


We will keep on creating a great history of engineering with leading technology to create the better future for everyone.

As a member of Hyundai Motors Group, we will keep on enhancing the value of our planet and our lives!

Your Global Premier Engineering Partner. Hyundai Engineering.

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