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Global Premier Engineering Partner HYUNDAI ENGINEERING

Through continued efforts to develop technology and create values, we will fulfill our responsibility and obligation as a technological Partner for our customers, with customer-oriented and environment-friendly mind.

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Embedded in Mother Nature are the principles of energy and engineering.
When people discovered these principles, it became the foundation of knowledge. As this knowledge was applied to our lives, technology became a reality.

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In the same way that the long-standing history of civilization stemmed from an awareness of our resources and technology, the awareness of engineering marked the beginning of Hyundai Engineering.

By focusing on thorough preparation and specialized technology, Hyundai Engineering has achieved numerous accomplishments to become a global engineering company.
As a member of the Hyundai Motor Group along with 40 different subsidiaries including Hyundai Motor company, Hyundai Steel, and the Automobile Research Institute, we are embarking on a new beginning and a bigger and brighter future.

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Just as civilization flourished throughout history from technology, we have also seen extraordinary growth by taking on countless challenges.

Hyundai Engineering has even built a research facility on the remote continent of Antarctica.
We have also built the largest scale project in Turkmenistan, a gas desulfurization plant, and contributed to improving the quality of life in Equatorial Guinea by constructing a water and sewage facility.
We have delivered exceptional customer satisfaction by building Thailand’s SIPCO 160MW Combined Cycle Cogeneration Power Plant in a short duration of time with the highest quality of construction.

As technology has evolved, the scope of our work has also broadened.

In the past 40 years, the experiences and expertise we have gained from completing over 5000 successful projects has become an incredibly valuable asset for Hyundai Engineering. These experiences have become a springboard for pioneering into new markets and into the global arena through Hyundai Motor Group’s vast network that stretches across 190 countries.

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As we move from the era of growth to an era of variety and diversity, we are gaining a unique competitive advantage by developing a more efficient workflow and building a state-of-the-art integrated IT system.

Even more difficult than ‘building a system,’ creating a solution requires flexibility and experiences that can respond to extreme climate conditions and various cultures that have never been encountered before.

Our expertise comes from the fact that we have a specialized work force that is not only our greatest strength but also our ultimate asset that that allows us to meet various client needs.

In addition, we are creating unique value through continuous research and development in core technologies. This coupled with the group’s management capabilities, we are strengthening our competence as a leading global EP, CM company.

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We’ve achieved greater things through our extraordinary technical expertise and competence, and our corporate ideals and visions are creating greater value for the world.

Hyundai Engineering understands the importance of recognizing various lifestyles and is increasing the value of the world through technology.
Hyundai Engineering is your best partner in technology that will work together to carry you towards the future.


Today, we are in the era of cultural technology.

Technology is creating a better worl.
As an explorer of the future, Hyundai Engineering is constantly seeking growth by asking new questions and taking on new challenges.

We hope you will look forward to the future created by Hyundai Engineering, a member of Hyundai Motor Group.

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