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MJEP Work Site Succeeds at Transporting Continuous Coal Ship Unloaders 2018.06.12

MJEP Work Site Succeeds at Transporting Continuous Coal Ship 

The work site of “Jimah East Power 2×1,000 MW Coal-Fired Power Plant Project” in Malaysia (MJEP) succeeded at loading and unloading two continuous coal ship unloaders on May 18 and June 10. The machine was produced for 15 months by a manufacturer located in the Port of Kaohsiung, Taiwan. It safely arrived at the work site in Malaysia within six days from its departure from the Port of Kaohsiung. The machine was subsequently shipped, loaded, and unloaded using the Lift On / Lift Off method (LOLO method).
The transportation this time was extremely challenging, entailing simultaneous direct transportation of the completed machine to a floating wharf structure and installing it. In addition, it demanded strict preparation as the ordering company, insurance company, port authorities, and customs all had their eyes on the machine.
With safety as its priority but for the most economical transportation, the MJEP staff strictly prepared in advance for over a year by having those responsible for machine design, transportation and customs clearance, procurement, official business, and construction at the work site, work in unison.
The work site also plans to conduct a trial run of the coal-handling system, scheduled for this August, without fail.

※ Continuous Coal Ship Unloader: A machine used to move coal necessary for the operation of a power plant from a carrier to a coal conveyor belt that our company plans to install. t It is a super-large machine with a height of 44m and length of 91m and weighing 1,163 tons.