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HEC Completes Second Phase of Construction of AEON Mall in Cambodia. AEON Mall Holds Grand Opening 2018.06.20

HEC Completes Second Phase of Construction of AEON Mall in 
Cambodia. AEON Mall Holds Grand Opening

The second phase of the construction of the AEON Mall in Cambodia was completed a month prior to the set schedule. At the grand opening event held on June 20, the mall’s headquarters Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Seiichi Chiba, Asian branch office head Mistsugu Tamai, and other officers of the ordering company, in addition to Hyundai Engineering’s Vice President Lim Hong-gyu (Building Works Division), Director Mun Il-hyeon, Deputy Director Kim Yeong-cheol, Project Manager Kim Sa-hyeon and other work site staff, participated and congratulated the successful completion of the construction and opening of the mall.
The construction period is directly linked to the sales of the ordering company and so the project manager and staff at the site have been making big efforts to shorten the construction period as much as possible.
Taking into consideration the rainy season (June-November) in Cambodia, by completing early the framing and steel frame construction during the dry season was an overcoming of various challenging tasks—an achievement of quality assurance in the construction of membrane structures, rarely seen in general construction sites.
The project was of a design-build work nature. Though faced with frequent design changes, it was completed not only at a right time but at the same time showed remarkable improvement on the run rate.
Meanwhile, HEC received an appreciation plaque in recognition of completing the project a month ahead of schedule and of the best of quality.

*Membrane structure: Built on a building ceiling or rooftop space, it plays the role of protecting the inside facilities using membranes and steel frames. It is used in all kinds of cultural, sports, or landscape facilities.