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UTCC Project Site in Uzbekistan Completes Transfer of Heaviest Components 2018.11.07


After travelling over 10,000 kilometers in their 5 month journey, two gas turbines and one generator, the heaviest components for the ‘Uzbekistan Takhiatach 560 MW Thermal Power Plant Project (hereinafter referred to as “UTCC”), have successfully arrived at the site on November 5th, 2018. This journey starting from the Netherlands passed through Turkey and Kuryk Por t of Kazakhstan, and both maritime and land transports were used.
The gas turbines are 11.8m long, 5.5m high, 5.45m wide, and weighing 357 tons, whereas the generator is 11.5m long, 4.66m high, 4.16m wide, and weighing 292 tons. The staffs on the UTCC project site thanked the department and its members who had strived to complete the transportation safely under difficult conditions, and also promised to do their best for the rest of the construction.