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HEC’s Special Communication for the 45th Anniversary 2019.02.11

Celebrating the 45th anniversary on February 11, HEC held a special enterprise-wide session of communication. In contrast to former company anniversaries, this year’s event was congratulated by CEO Sung Sang-rok’s video message aired throughout the company. Thanks to this new method of delivery, no one had to leave their desk. Unencumbered, the HEC family watched the footage with greater attentiveness, engaging in conversation with colleagues and sharing opinions.
In the clip, Mr. Sung likened the company to a 45-year old person born in 1974, pointing out that HEC has reached a turning point – time to get ready for the second half of life. He also stressed that it is important to enhance productivity and efficiency for another powerful leap forward, just as a lumberjack sharpens his dull blade before a job.
He followed the analogy with an explanation of the four areas of BI (Business Innovation) – New Business, Process Innovation, Digital Transformation, and Change Management. Only when BI is successful will HEC stand shoulder to shoulder with advanced global competitors, he emphasized.
He promised that the management will stay committed to taking necessary actions to bring about tangible changes and innovation, finishing his message with an invitation to all to join in the effort.