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Heaviest Unit Transported and Installed in Uzbekistan’s GTL Project Site 2019.03.15

 On March 15, two catalyst slurry hoppers were successfully transported to the Gas To Liquid (UGTL) project site in Uzbekistan. Measuring at 50.88m in height and 504t in weight, they are the single heaviest unit to be manufactured and transported (excluding the LTFT reactor that is manufactured in module and assembled and installed on site). They are used to pack catalysts and wax used in the LTFT reactor in the FT synthesis, the core technology in the gas-to-liquid refining process. They also store deactivated catalyst for post treatment.
The transportation was via both water and land, first starting in Zhangjiagang near Shanghai, China in September last year and stopping in Romania for transshipment via the Volga-Don Canal. This grand journey to the final destination took 172 days over the distance of 20,168 km.
To prevent any potential delay in transit, pre-inspection was held to identify risks, and bridges and roads were reinforced in advance. Thanks to the rigorous inspection and checks of every major segment by HEC employees, the shipment successfully arrived on schedule.
Special focus was put from the stages of design and production taking into consideration limited transportation in winter at the Volga-Don Canal.
Now on site, one of the catalyst slurry hoppers has been successfully installed on March 16 by a local company Enter Engineering, one of the members of the UGTL Consortium.