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Dress Easy, Take It Easy – HEC Goes Casual 2019.03.04

 Every morning, before going to work, HEC employees now look crisper than ever, thanks to the daily casual dress code that took effect on March 4. HEC had enjoyed casual wear on Fridays before the new dress code was introduced, but now, employees can wear sport jumpers, jeans, sneakers, pullovers, and any casual fashion item they like on any day.
The casual dress code was introduced to add flexibility to the organizational culture, inspiring employees to experience HEC’s commitment to change and innovation and motivating them to transform how they work.
In light of the change, HEC held a special sales event from March 25 to 28 at the head office in Gye-dong. For four days, employees were offered a chance to purchase casual wear, shoes, and other goods at reasonable prices. HEC has also taken one further step to meet employee needs, taking advantage of the 20th HEC Academy curriculum to offer a make-up class for female employees on March 18 and a hair styling class for male employees on March 21.